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Is Poverty a Gift from God?

The book titled ‘Is Poverty a Gift from God?’ delves into the perennial challenge of poverty that has long perplexed humanity, prompting relentless efforts to seek viable solutions. Contrary to the notion that poverty is a divine gift, the author, Dr Ali Qaradaghi, posits that it is indeed a profound problem. Adopting this perspective, a substantial portion of the issue can be effectively addressed.

Dr Qaradaghi, owing to his specialised knowledge, possesses a keen awareness of the economic challenges within the Islamic world. His extensive literary contributions, including multiple books and numerous seminars, reflect a dedicated commitment to offering viable solutions to these challenges.

Dr Qaradaghi starts by providing comprehensive linguistic and contextual definitions of poverty and the impoverished. He elucidates that a person in poverty lacks the necessities of life. Furthermore, he delves into the nuanced types and stages of poverty, viewing it as a relative concept.

Moving forward, Dr Qaradaghi meticulously examines statistical data from international organisations and financial institutions to identify the poorest countries, with a specific focus on the Islamic world. The author draws upon the research conducted by experts in the field, offering a well-informed analysis.

The book progresses to an exploration of the multifaceted effects of poverty across scientific, political, economic, social, and cultural dimensions. It undertakes a rigorous examination of the internal and external causes of poverty.

In the concluding chapters, Dr Qaradaghi presents the Islamic programme designed to address the problem of poverty. The programme underscores the pivotal role and responsibilities of leaders and authorities concerning their societies, particularly the provision of employment opportunities.

Some key details about the book include:

–                Original Language: Arabic

–                Author: Ali Muhiedin Al-Qaradaghi

–                Translated into Kurdish by Hussain Najm Al-Din Qaradaghi

–                Number of Pages: 97

–                Year of Publication: 2016

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