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Human and Happiness: Contentment in the Islamic Economic System

This small book titled “Human and Happiness: Contentment in the Islamic Economic System” is a concise yet comprehensive definition of the concept of Happiness, first from the Islamic perspective and primarily through an elucidation of the term “Falah” (Success) as found in the verses of the Holy Quran then it describes the relationship between Happiness and Economics, all within the shades of the Quranic verses.

The book marks out the distinctions between the worldly economic systems and the Islamic Economic System. Unlike the worldly systems, the Islamic system prescribes practical and permitted steps for the attainment of Happiness and doesn’t make everything and everyone a mere sacrifice for personal interests. However, it embraces both the happiness of this life and that of the hereafter and connects them.

The book also emphasizes the intrinsic value of freedom, yet again attaches it to happiness and the success of the economy.

In the end, it describes Development (Self-Development) as another reason for happiness; offering a concise explanation thereof.

Some key details about the book include:

–               Original Language: Arabic

–               Translated into Kurdish by Nasih Fatih Aruzary

–               Number of Pages: 72

–               Year of Publication: 2012″

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