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Woman and the Issue of Political Participation

The book ‘Woman and the Issue of Political Participation’ by Professor Dr Ali al-Qaradaghi presents a scholarly inquiry into the challenges faced by women in Islamic communities, particularly regarding their participation in politics. Dr Qaradaghi’s work is grounded in moderation and aims to explain the complexities surrounding women’s political involvement within an Islamic context.

The book’s primary objective is to address gender equality, starting with a concise historical overview of organisations advocating for women’s rights. Additionally, the author talks about some unbalanced responses within contemporary Islamic thought that have been posed against those groups.

Throughout the book, the author endeavours to elucidate the inherent differences between men and women, encompassing aspects such as physical structure, hormonal composition, and other fundamental elements. Dr Qaradaghi emphasises the complementary nature of men and women, advocating for a perspective of unity rather than discord.

In the book’s concluding sections, Dr Qaradaghi delves into discussions surrounding women’s rights in assuming higher positions of responsibility and addresses pertinent debates and perspectives put forth by scholars. Furthermore, he provides insights into the latest thoughts and fatwas issued by Islamic scholars on this subject matter.

Key details about the book include:

–             Original Language: Arabic

–             Author: Ali Muhuideen al-Qaradaghi

–             Translated into Kurdish by Omer Ali Qaradaghi

–             Number of Pages: 87

–             Year of Publication: 2015

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