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Islam and Life – Second Part

Description of The book

The book “Islam and Life – Second Part” is similar to the first part, it represents a compilation of sermons delivered by Dr Ali Qaradaghi between the years 2014 and 2018, in Qatar.

These sermons, delivered as part of the sacred Friday sermons, hold a significant relevance to the pressing issues of our time. They mirror the socio-political landscape of the respective years and, in a broader sense, encapsulate the global panorama, particularly with regard to international political shifts and the intricate realities of Muslim societies.

Dr Ali’s sermons extend beyond a localized focus, they exhibit a wide-ranging perspective, meticulously dissecting the global Islamic issues that persistently unfold. This comprehensive outlook stems from Dr Ali’s dual proficiency as a scholar deeply rooted in Islamic theology, Shariah, and the Holy Quran and Sunnah, while also being astutely attuned to international political developments, current affairs, and the exigent challenges of our era.

Consequently, these sermons serve as an urgent call to action for Muslims, alerting them to the perils of internal strife and division within the Muslim community, to prevent the enemy’s success. Dr Ali also sheds light on critical themes such as injustice, corruption, immigration, authority, and equity, offering a profound analysis that resonates with contemporary issues.

In several of his sermons, Dr Ali endeavours to elevate ‘self-development’ as the cornerstone of individual and collective progress for Muslims. He fervently motivates them to cultivate their knowledge in matters of faith, science, and ethics to ensure they do not lag behind in the ever-evolving world.

Furthermore, he talks about the transformative influence of education, aptly described as the catalyst for development, success, and reform.

Key details about the book include:

–              Original Language: Arabic

–              Translated into Kurdish by Omer Ali Mohammed

–              Number of Pages: 244

–              Year of Publication: 2019

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