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A Voice for Reform and Renewal: The Story of Dr. Ali Qaradaghi

Description of The book

The book titled ‘A Voice for Reform and Renewal: The Story of Dr. Ali Qaradaghi’ is the tale of Dr. Ali Qaradaghi’s remarkable life and a brief insight into his deep thoughts, beliefs and opinions on various terms and phenomena within the Islamic world.

Dr. Ali stands as one of the most influential and renowned individuals globally, whoes fingerprint can be found on the international stage. he is also a great Kurdish personality who has a continuous and non-breakable connection to his own nation (Kurdistan). Dr. Ali is deeply compassionate and genuinely concerned about the challenges confronting all Islamic nations. His enduring commitment to finding solutions for their troubles and worries has been a longstanding endeavor, reflecting his unwavering dedication to the betterment of the Islamic world.

The initial chapter chronicles Dr. Ali’s early life, tracing his intellectual evolution from his upbringing in Qaradagh to his travel across the globe. This section details his scholarly pursuits, highlighting his roles and works, which encompass a staggering one hundred research papers and thirty-nine books in Arabic, along with translations into his native Kurdish language.

The second chapter in general is about introducing the thoughts, opinions and intellectual principles of Dr. Ali, for example, his method of reform and adjustment, and the method of ijtihad and renewal, as well as his experiences with the jurisprudence of balance, we Muslim communities versus the western communities, and women and democracy.

Chapter three illuminates Dr. Ali’s role in combating Takfirism and extremism, while emphasizing Islam’s essence of mercy and compassion. It underscores his resolute stand against violence, asserting that Islam unequivocally rejects any form of violence, and delves into the intricate realms of jurisprudence concerning fixed and flexible matters, terrorism, and violence.

The fourth chapter introduces the Humanitarian League Organization (HLO), founded by Dr. Ali Qaradaghi, shedding light on its charitable initiatives. This section also delves into Dr. Ali’s empathetic response to the nation’s challenges and his dedicated advocacy for the Kurdish national cause.

The fifth and final chapter offers a multifaceted portrayal, capturing the diverse opinions and insights of individuals from different backgrounds and expertise, illuminating Dr. Ali’s multifaceted influence and contributions.

Key details about the book include:

  • Original Language: Arabic
  • Prepared by: Washan Foundation for Journalism – London
  • Translated into Kurdish by Abubakir Penjweni
  • Number of Pages: 331
  • Year of Publication: 2021

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